Pentwater Michigan

Pentwater, Michigan is charming coastal town perched on the shores of both Pentwater Lake and beautiful Lake Michigan.

The summer season here is simply amazing – visitors to the village will find Pentwater reminiscent of New England, with a mast filled harbor and marinas, quaint boutique shops, art galleries, and outdoor dining with live music. Though, unlike New England, Pentwater also boasts a coastline of soft, sandy beaches, and one of the finest sunsets found anywhere in the world.

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Pentwater Reviews

tracey review icon
Pentwater is home, childhood, and the best memories of my childhood - homecoming parades, walking to the post office with my grandpa and getting an ice cream cone on the way home, the band at the gazebos on Thursday nights, seeing the puppets in the summer, the candle shop making candles with my mom, and making some of the best friends of my life there.

Tracey Seegars

Lifelong Visitor

esther review icon
A place where my husband grew up from a very small child to taking his own children and our grandchildren there. The wonderful memories we have of the summers spent there with extended family - one of our absolute favorite places to visit.

Esther Taylor Veeneman

Generational Visitor

marvin review icon
First place to go for a sunset, leisurely walk on the beach/pier, music on a warm summer night, and meet up with old friends.

Marvin Bishop

Sunset Chaser

halona review icon
Pentwater is where my heart lives. I am proud to be the third generation in my family to enjoy Pentwater. There is so much to love about this special village and surrounding area. I have wanted to live in Pentwater year-round for most of my life.

Halona Gustin

Pentwater Dreamer

courtney review icon
Pentwater is where I learned to ride a bike, fish, speak to others, and get a job. It's where I met my best friend, visit my family, relax, and make memories. It's where I got married and chose to bring our child for trips, the experiences of a small town, and the support of the village. Pentwater is a breath of fresh air and the release of stress from home as soon as I get off the exit. It's Windows down driving around the lake and ``making a lap`` around downtown and the lake. It's a way of life.

Courtney Bishop

Way of Life Seeker

jay review icon
Small woodsy town on Lake Michigan with great community atmosphere and charming qualities that will forever stay in your heart and memories!

Jay Graham

Pentwater Lover